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Auto Pool Cleaners

No matter what kind of pool you have - concrete, vinyl or fibreglass - we have a pool cleaning system that will keep it sparkling.

Chemicals - Pool

BioGuard have a full range of Pool Chemicals and Specialty Products.

Chemicals - Salt Pool


Chemicals - Spa


Chemicals - Specialty Kits


Covers - Pool

By installing a pool cover you'll virtually eliminate evaporation while the cover is on. A pool can lose up to 50% each summer due to wind, sun and the cool night air. Swim sooner and longer – enjoy your pool for an extra few months a year. ABGAL’s Solar Blanket will increase pool water temperature by up to 8 deg C and will reduce heating costs by up to 50%. Pool water stays warmer longer, therefore extending your swimming season. These covers have been formulated for the harsh Australian sun and are ideal for areas where UV rays are severe. We offer three styles to choose from:
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Filters - Pool


Filters - Spa


Spare Parts



Spa Heating, Pool Heating.

Pumps - Pool


Pumps - Power Saving


Pumps - Spa


Rollers - Pool

A HydroTool Solar Reel is the ideal way to handle and protect your pool blanket. The Reel helps you to roll your blanket on and off the pool, quickly and easily. All HydroTools Reel include adjustable blanket fasteners, a quality protective cover and flexible fittings that make installing and using your pool cover and reel, easy! The HydroTools Solar Reel range offers the choice of stationary or mobile models with fixed or adjustable height and are suitable for pools up to 7m wide and 20m long.
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Salt Water Chlorinators

All swimming pools need to be properly sanitised to prevent the growth of harmful organisms and unsightly algae. To make this process easy for the pool owner, Poolrite has manufactured a range of chlorine generators that produce chlorine from saltwater. The process is simple; ordinary salt is added to the pool water to obtain a salt level of approximately .5% (sea salt 3.5%O). This salted water passes through the electrolytic cell and is electrolysed producing Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) which purifies the water and then returns to salt as it does so.

Stanley Accessories

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