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Crystal Clear

Bioguard® SPA Crystal Clear is specifically designed for clarifying cloudy water in spas. (Previously known as Polysheen)


Bioguard® SPA Defence prevents staining and water discolouration from metals, and scale build-up from excessive calcium. Also known as Stain and Scale Control.

Foam Go

Bioguard® SPA Foam Go eliminates foaming in spas and pools with attached spas.


Bioguard® SPA Renew cleans oil and grease from all types of filters, improving efficiency and lengthening the life of the filter media.

Squeaky Clean

Bioguard® SPA Squeaky Clean is a heavy-duty alkaline surface cleaner that removes scale, hard water deposits, fresh stains, grease and dirt from along the water line.

Swirl Away

Swirl Away is a specially formulated cleaner that removes waste and scale build-up in spas and their plumbing. Swirl Away prevents build-up in plumbing lines and jets, breaks down body oils and other organic wastes and prevents re-deposition of solids in pipes. The pipe cleaner should be used just before you plan to drain and refill your spa. Refilling your spa with fresh water without cleaning the pipes will reduce the life of your spa water and will require more chemical usage to maintain water clarity
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