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Solar Blankets

Save water, cut chemical consumption and heat your pool with these simple floating covers, easy to use, no ropes or tie downs needed and can be stored on a convenient pool roller.

We offer three types of solar blankets: Oasis 400: 5 year pro-rata warranty Oasis 500: 8 year pro-rata warranty Silverback: 8 year pro-rata warranty
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Pooltex Leaf Stop Cover (In-Gound)

Keep leaves, debris and ducks out of your inground pool. If leaves, debris, ducks and other animals are a problem in your pool, or you’d like the convenience of being able to 'close your pool' for winter, then a fitted Pooltex™ cover is ideal. Covers are custom made to order, and can be fitted to any pool shape –ladders, rocks and other features can all be incorporated. When in use, a Pooltex cover is secured to the pool surrounds with style rope fittings. When the cover comes off, so do the fittings – so there are no protrusions left on the pool edge. Covers are lightweight, and depending on the size of the pool, can usually be handled by just one person.
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Leaf Stopper (Above)

Keep leaves and debris out of your Above Ground pool with this easy to use cover. Available in most standard pool sizes, reduces evaporation and fits quickly like a “big shower cap”.
Download Leaf Stop (Above Ground) Instructions

Heatshield Thermal Pool Blanket

The Heatshield™ Thermal Pool Blanket is recognised as the most effective type of cover for pool insulation. As well as significantly reducing your heat, chemical, cleaning and water costs, it is the most durable and the longest lasting blanket available.
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