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Hurlcon HiNRG Heater

High Performance, highly reliable and in a compact package. The AstralPool HiNRG Heaters are designed for rapid heat up of your swimming pool or spa and to work with today’s energy efficient variable speed pumps, even when set on energy efficient low speed. Available in three models, the 175, 250 and 400, the HiNRG Heater can be ordered for Natural Gas or LPG and has kilowatt equivalent outputs of 39 kW, 55kW or a massive 90 kW. The build quality, an important factor for gas pool and spa heating is so high that the HiNRG Heater is covered by a 5 year limited warranty on both commercial and residential installations.
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Hurlcon Viron Gas Heaters

We believe your pool or spa should be a warm oasis, when you want it, without the huge costs associated. The Viron Gas Heater uses revolutionary technology to heat your pool quickly and accurately to the temperature you select. Heat on demand technology will save approximately 20% on operating costs over a conventional gas heater. By not having to run your gas heater all the time you will also reduce the Co2 emissions produced.

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Hurlcon JX Gas Heater

The Hurlcon JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced heater designed for wall mounting. Available for indoor and outdoor application and ideal for confined spaces. Forced draft combustion system means lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects. The JX Gas pool and spa heater is designed to mount on the wall saving space and making maintenance easy. Normal flues rely on natural draught but this fan powers the JX draught so it can be more compact and efficient.
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Hurlcon HX Gas Spa Heater

Gas heating is the fastest and most economical way to heat your pool or spa - and the HX Series Heater is large enough to heat the largest spa pool rapidly. So when you decide to have a spa on impulse, you can rely on the HX Series Heater to heat quickly every time, ensuring you enjoy the convenience of a spa without the wait.
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