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Bioguard® SPA Aquality slowly lowers pH and decreases Total Alkalinity to help prevent scale buildup, cloudy water and eye irritation. (Previously known as Lo 'n''Slo)

Comfort Up

Bioguard® SPA Comfort Up raises pH to help prevent equipment corrosion, surface damage, and skin and eye irritation. (Previously known as Balance Pak 200)

Perfect Balance

Bioguard® SPA Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffer that maintains stable pH, softens water and inhibits corrosion in spas.

Performance Up

Bioguard® SPA Performance Up raises Total Alkalinity to help prevent equipment corrosion and surface damage and helps control the pH. (Previously known as Balance Pak 100)


Bioguard® SPA Shield raises calcium hardness to help prevent corrosion of equipment and etching of surfaces. (Previously known as Balance Pak 300)

Spa Care Tips and Suggestions

Download Our Spa Care Tips and Suggestions Booklet Here

Starter Kit

If you have just purchased a spa, or need to re-stock all your chemicals the Poolside Frankston Starter Kit has everything you need to get you up and running.
Inculded in the kit:
-Performance Up -Comfort Up -Perfect Balance -Purity Multi Pack (12) -Velvet -Symetry Tablets -Floating Dispenser


Bioguard® SPA Velvet is a multifunctional granular product that enhances water comfort, increases water clarity, improves the performance of other products and suppresses algae growth.
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