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Balance Pak 300 (2Kg)

BioGuard® Balance Pak 300 is a soluble Total Hardness increaser. Low Calcium Hardness can cause the water to become corrosive resulting in deterioration of equipment, staining, etching (in plaster pools) and discoloration of vinyl liners. BioGuard Balance Pak 300 quickly raises the calcium hardness level to protect your pool and equipment.

Product details

Product Benefits:
-Raises Calcium Hardness Level
-100% Calcium Chloride
-No pre-dissolving
-Palletized formulation allows for faster dissolving, and less likely to -cloud the water
-Helps prevent etching and staining
-Increases comfort level for swimmers

Dosage Directions:
-Apply over surface area with pump running
-Do not pre-dissolve. Heat is generated when the product contacts water
-Add 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons top increase calcium hardness 10 ppm
-Use pool brush to brush any un-dissolved granules off pool surfaces.

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