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Balance Pak 200 (4Kg)

BioGuard® Balance Pak 200 is a soluble pH increaser. Proper pH balance is critical in maintaining any type of pool. A low pH can cause corrosion to the pool and equipment, swimmer irritation, and chlorine inefficiency while raising overall maintenance costs.

Product details

Product Benefits
-Raises pH
-For all pool types
-Convenient granular form
-Easy to use (no mixing required)
-Increases chlorine efficiency
-100% Active ingredient
-Protects pool equipment and surfaces
-Reduces maintenance costs

Dosage Directions:
-Balance Total Alkalinity to 125 to 150 ppm
-Use a Dosage Directionstest kit or test strips to determine pH
-If pH is below 7.2, apply Balance Pak 200 as determined by the Alkali demand chart in test kit
-Apply by broadcasting product evenly across the pool with the pump running
-Circulate for 2 hours and retest pH

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