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Swim Clear (10Kg)

Swim Clear is a completely soluble, stabilised granular chlorinating product. It goes to work fast, will not cloud the water, and doesn't significantly lower the pH. Swim Clear is excellent for sanitising small above ground pools, especially those without skimmers, and can also be used to superchlorinate.

Product details

Product Features:
-97% w/w sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate (sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate).
-56% w/w available chlorine.
-Maximum solubility at 30C = 24%.
-pH of 1 % solution = 6.0
-51% stabiliser by weight.

-Stabilised chlorine not lost to the UV rays of the sun.
-Leaves no residue.
-Completely and instantly soluble.
-Goes to work fast.
-Will not cloud water.
-Does not significantly lower pH.
-Excellent for sanitising small above ground pools.
-Classified as a non-dangerous good - safer to store and handle than most granular chlorines.

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