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Power Chlor (5Kg)

BioGuard Power Chlor is a revolutionary patented product that provides an economical source of pool chlorine for the routine sanitation and periodic oxidation of pools. The multifunctional co-compacted granules dissolve completely and are designed for use with all types of pool surfaces. Each Power Chlor granule contains trichlor for killing algae and bacteria, chlorine-tolerant clarifiers for keeping water crystal clear, and water-enhancing agents to provide a silky smooth feel to the water whilst reducing skin and eye irritation.

Product details

Product Features:
72.7% w/w trichloroisocyanuric acid.

66.0% w/w available chlorine (Cl).

Unique co-compacted granular product.

Built-in chlorine-tolerant clarifiers.

Water-enhancing agents.

Skimmer-fed application.

Classified as a non-dangerous good.

Ensures sparkling clear pool water.

Improves filter efficiency.

Less skin and eye irritation than many chlorinating products.

No need to pre-dissolve.

Easy to use.

Safer to store and transport.

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