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Celsior spa bath pump

The Celsior® spa bath pump range is a revolution in the spa industry: for the first time, an Australian designed and manufactured water cooled 'Heat Maintenance Technology' spa pump is available. This new technology motor offers many advantages over older style pumps, including up to 50% less noise, up to 97%-efficient energy usage (as waste heat helps maintain the bath temperature) and as many as 5 seperate safety features. The Celsior® range also features options for inbuilt 'Heat Boost' models to maximise the water temperature and premium bath-side touchpad controls - for a stylish finish in any bathroom.
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Product details

Celsior® new generation spa bath pumps are a revolutionary new product from Davey. They are the first Australian made spa pumps that offer a water cooled - 'Heat Maintenance Technology' motor that captures waste heat and noise energy and uses it to maintain the warmth of your spa bath water for longer.

The design has been recognised as a significant achievement by 'Engineers Australia', winner of the Victorian award for innovation and a finalist in the national awards.

Celsior® was recently recognised as a finalist in the 'GreenPlumbers' Energy Efficient Product of the Year Awards.

Celsior® has been awarded an Australian Design Mark in the 2004 Australian Design Awards.

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