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Phos Kill (1L)

BioGuard® Phos Kill™ is a cost-effective problem solver used to remove phosphates from the water, either pro-actively as a preventative or when a problem presents itself. Phosphates are a natural source of nutrients for algae. If left untreated, the phosphates can aid algae growth considerably, turning your pool green. This leads to costly chemical treatments to rectify the situation. By removing the phosphates, the algae lose a major food source, making the existing sanitation in the pool or spa more efficient in dealing with any potential algal outbreaks.

Product details

Phosphates can enter the water via fertilisers, human and animal wastes and debris. Phosphates cannot be completely removed from the water as they are constantly being replenished, but the acceptable phosphate level for a pool is 0 – 0.3 ppm.
Phos Kill is used to remove a phosphate problem caused by a build-up over time. Phos Kill can also be used as a maintenance dose to compensate for pool environments rich in phosphates, i.e. near garden beds, where dogs are allowed to swim, or high swimmer turnovers.

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