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Metal Go

BioGuard® Metal Go™ is a formulated product specifically designed to remove metal staining from pool and spa surfaces. Regular use of Metal Go will ensure your swimming pool surfaces remain free of unsightly, brown, iron stains. Without regular treatment, iron stains may become permanent.

Product details

Iron in pool water can cause reddish-brown discolouration of the water as well as staining on the sides and bottom of the pool. Metal Go is a solid-chelating agent that binds iron in the water to prevent it from being quickly oxidised which may stain the pool surface or discolour the water.
One of the most common sources of iron is from the fill water. It is often found in wells and other rural water sources. Iron can also be found in some fertilisers, and from outside debris, contaminating the pool. Another source of iron is from salt. During the manufacture process, lesser quality salts can have metals bonded to the salt crystals.
Note: Metal Go requires a low-chlorine environment, therefore be prepared to oxidise the pool or spa as soon as the Metal Go treatment is finalised.
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