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Poppits Range

Spa Poppits:
Poppit brand products cover a total range of products for spas including: sanitiser, alkalinity and pH increasers, calcium hardness increaser, shock, floc, pH reducer, pipe degreaser and filter cleaners. Test strips and test kits are also supplied.

Product details

Spa sanitisers which replaces chlorine and bromine in Spas and Pools, providing a totally chlorine free system for portable, in ground spas, swim spas and swimming pools.

The following products are Sensitive Choice approved (reccomended for sufferers of asthma):

-Poppit Buffer – Alkalinity increaser
-Poppit Calcium Hardness Increaser
-Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner
-Poppit Filter Cleaner – Spray
-Poppit Liquid Floc
-Poppit pH Increaser
-Poppit pH Reducer
-Poppit Quick Fix – Chlorine free oxidiser
-Poppit Spa CAL Hardener – Raises calcium hardness level
-Poppit Spa pH Reducer
-Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser
-Poppit Spa Sanitiser, Conditioner, Clarifier & Bactericide
-Poppit Test Kit
-Poppit Water Balance
-Poppit Sanosil Sanitiser
-Poppit One step Water Prep
-Poppit complete – clarifies and shines water
-Poppit 4 way test kit
-Poppit Filter Cartridge (phosphate, chlorine & nitrate free)

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