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Solar Blankets

Save water, cut chemical consumption and heat your pool with these simple floating covers, easy to use, no ropes or tie downs needed and can be stored on a convenient pool roller.

We offer three types of solar blankets: Oasis 400: 5 year pro-rata warranty Oasis 500: 8 year pro-rata warranty Silverback: 8 year pro-rata warranty
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Product details

ABGAL’s Solar Pool Blankets and Storage Reel Systems are ideal for maintaining heated pools or attracting free heat from the sun. Solar Blankets are made from a film containing thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat in your pool. An ABGAL Solar Pool Blanket floats on top of the water and allows the solar energy to pass through, then traps and retains the heat in your pool.

You'll swim sooner and longer – Your Blanket will increase pool water temperature by up to 8°C and reduce heating costs by up to 50%. Pool water stays warmer longer, therefore extending your swimming season by several weeks.

These covers have been formulated for the harsh Australian sun and are ideal for areas where UV rays are severe.

ABGAL have three styles to choose from; all have been Smart Watermark Approved.

Solarcover is an economical clear blue blanket and reduces water evaporation by up to 95%. It is light weight, takes less storage space and comes with a three year pro-rata warranty.

Oasis Solar is the premium grade thicker tougher layered blanket built to last longer and comes with a five or eight year pro-rata warranty.

Silverback 500 has a silver underlay to keep reflected heat in the pool. This is our heaviest grade and comes with an eight year pro-rata warranty.

Measuring your Pool:

The blankets are supplied as a rectangular sheet and therefore need to cover the entire pool including steps. Measure the longest length and the widest width of pool (see diagrams above) to ensure you get the correct blanket for your pool at the waterline. The blanket is usually cut up the sides of the pool so ensure enough materialis ordered to allow for the upturn.

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