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Salt Pool Sticks (1.8Kg)

To Maintain Correct Chlorination Levels

Product details

BioGuard® Salt Pool Sticks are the latest product in the specially formulated BioGuard® Salt Pool Partner range. Research has found that during hot weather the chlorine demand is far greater in your pool. Your salt chlorinator may not be capable of producing the adequate sanitiser levels required to keep bacteria under control.

BioGuard® has produced Salt Pool Sticks to specifically aid your chlorinator. They have been manufactured using patented technology so that they are only released into the pool when the filter/pump is running - making them a most economical option.

BioGuard® Salt Pool Sticks are also an excellent winter option. Simply turn off your chlorinator and use Salt Pool Sticks in the skimmer. That way you prolong the life of your chlorinator while still maintaining bacteria-free water.
Features and Benefits of Salt Pool Sticks:
Provide an extra boost of chlorine so your pool will always maintain the correct chlorination levels.

Assist in balancing the pH to help prevent scaling.

Reduce acid requirements.

Add extra stabilising protection to prevent UV rays dissipating your chlorine levels.

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