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Salt Pool Sparkle Multi Pack

Even with regular sanitation, pool water can often be dull or cloudy, caused by swimmer wastes that cannot be removed with filtration. Suntan lotions, cosmetics, perspiration and other wastes build up in pool water, particularly after heavy use, rainstorms and hot spells.

Product details

These build-ups are easily removed using BioGuard® Salt Pool Sparkle, a patented dual blended shock treatment plus clarifier, specifically designed for salt pools.
When used weekly in summer, Salt Pool Sparkle will:
Remove wastes that cannot be removed during normal filtration, putting the sparkle back into your pool.

Make the water more comfortable and rid the pool of chlorine odour.

Increase the filtration system's efficiency, leaving your pool cleaner and clearer. This is due to the

presence of the added clarifier in Salt Pool Sparkle.

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