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Salt Cell Cleaner

Salt Cell Cleaner - Rejuvenate your Salt Cell The salt cell is vitally important to your pool because it helps produce the sanitiser that keeps your pool safe to swim in. Over time, one of the characteristics of a salt cell is that it will accumulate scale deposits.

Product details

This reduces its efficiency and hinders its operation. Your chlorinator must work harder and longer to produce the correct sanitiser levels. Regular chemical cleaning of your salt cell will improve performance and ensure it is doing its job - to protect the pool from bacteria.

BioGuard® Salt Cell Cleaner has been designed to effectively clean salt chlorinator cells of scale deposits for better performance.
BioGuard® Salt Cell Cleaner Product Features and Benefits

Cleans salt cells

Hard on scale

Won't damage electrodes - providing longer cell life, fewer cell replacements and big cost savings to you

Improves chlorinator efficiency

Concentrated formula means you use less

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