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Salt (20kg)

Not all salt is created equal. Why risk staining your pool with mined salt which may contain heavy metals? Biogaurd Pool salt contains no trace metals.

Product details

It is important for all salt chlorinators to maintain the correct level of salt (ppm) to operate effectively and efficiently.

To ensure correct salt levels, have your pool water tested by Poolside Frankston free of charge, and add biogaurd pool salt as required.

Automatic suction cleaners should be disconnected for 2-3 days after adding additional salt to the pool. It is detrimental for chlorinator performance for high concentrations of salt to pass through it.

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Even with regular sanitation, pool water can often be dull or cloudy, caused by swimmer wastes that cannot be removed with filtration. Suntan lotions, cosmetics, perspiration and other wastes build up in pool water, particularly after heavy use, rainstorms and hot spells.

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