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  • Lincoln Salt Chlorinator


    Product summary

    Salt water chlorination creates a soft, silky feeling in the water. It is

    healthier, easier to use, and more economical. That’s why it’s the most popular method of pool sanitation

    in the world.

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  • Product details


    Salt water chlorination creates a soft, silky feeling in the water without using harsh chemicals. It's safer,

    healthier, easier to use and more economical. That's why it's the most popular method of pool sanitation

    in the world.


    Salt is added to your pool to achieve a salt level of 3750 ppm, this is approximately 1/10th the level of sea

    water. When this water passes through the chlorinator cell, electrolysis occurs, turning the salt water into

    chlorine gas, which dissolves to become liquid chlorine.


    Intelligent yet simple. Using the latest digital technology, the micro-computer allows you to touch in your

    commands and let auto-pilot guide your pool through summer. The LCD back-lit display makes using the menu

    a breeze. And, once you've entered your settings, the micro-computer will do the rest, managing the chlorine

    output in a range of climatic conditions.


    The HD series features a robustly constructed cell that cleans itself. Built to high-end design specifications,

    the clear chamber contains a titanium anode and cathode with space-age coatings for an extended lifespan.


    Smar t micro-computer controlled system

    • Auto-pilot mode so you can sit back and relax

    • Easy to use menu

    • Backlit digital LCD display

    • Intuitive navigation buttons

    • Precision adjustment of chlorine output to 1%

    • Low and high salt indicators

    • Audible aler t when your action is required

    • Automatic power reduction when the salt level is too high

    • Automatic self-cleaning cell standard on all models

    • Dynamic cell balancing for extended cell life

    • Super chlorinate mode for high use periods

    • Pump protection feature: shuts off the pump if water flow has ceased

    • Spa mode setting: automatically resets chlorine production level

    • Cell can be installed in either ver tical or horizontal position


    HD series models

    Model Chlorine production Max Pool Capacity- litres

    grams / hour......Cool Climate...Hot Climate

    HD-15..................15 ,90,000L ....... 45000L

    HD-20.................. 20 120,000L...... 60,000L

    HD-25 .................. 25 150,000L......75,000L

    HD-30 .................. 30 180,000L ..... 90,000L

    HD-35 .................. 35 210,000L....105,000L

    HD-50 .................. 50 300,000L....150,000L


    The Lincoln HD series Salt Chlorinator is backed by a comprehensive 2 year full warranty on the control

    unit and a 5 year warranty on the cell ( 1 year full, 4 years pro-rata). Warranty is effective from the date of


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