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  • Hayward Swim Clear Quad Cartridge Filter


    Product summary

    Utilising a cluster of four reusable cartridge elements, SwimClear filters offer a choice of 300 or 500 square feet of heavy duty dirt-holding capacity for extra long filter cycles, up to an entire season without cleaning. With filter tanks constructed of improved PermaGlass XL™ material, SwimClear filters will provide years of trouble free operation and crystal clear, sparkling water.

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  • Product details

  • Features

    # Innovative Automatic Air Relief purges any entrapped air during filtration

    # Non-Corrosive Top Closure Plate prevents elements from lifting and allowing unfiltered water to bypass back to pool or spa during operation

    # Quad-Cluster™ Cartridge Elements provide 300 or 500ft² of filter area and extra dirt holding capacity for long filter cycles. Precision engineered extruded core provides extra strength and superior flow

    # Self Aligned Tank Top and Bottom make access to servicing Quad-Cluster cartridge elements fast and simple

    # Heavy Duty Tamper Proof One Piece Clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom together and allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections

    # Improved High Strength Filter Tank molded from new and stronger PermaGlass XL™ material for extra durability for dependable, corrosion free performance

    # Uniform Low Profile Tank Base Design makes removal of cartridge elements fast and simple

    # Full Size 1½" Integral Drain provides fast, 100% clean out and easier flushing of tank

    # Noryl® Bulkhead Fittings for extra strength and heat resistance

    # Union Coupling Connection provides plumbing options of 1½" or 2" piping. 2" internal piping for maximum flow performance

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    Spare Parts

    Warranty Schedule


    # In-ground pools

    # In-ground pool/spa combinations

    # In-ground spas (residential or commercial)

    View the sizing chart for recommended installations

    Performance Data


    Number Effective

    Filtration Area Design

    Flow Rate Turnover

    8 Hr 10 Hr

    ft² m² GPM LPM Gallons Litres Gallons Litres

    C3020C 300 27.9 112 424 53,760 203,500 67,200 254,400

    C5020C 500 46.5 150 568 72,000 272,500 90,000 340,700

    Buying Guide


    Number Pipe

    Size Dimensions Carton


    Width Height

    C3020 40/50mm 584mm 875mm 27.22kg

    C5020 40/50mm 584mm 1180mm 35.83kg

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