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  • Balance Pak 200 (2Kg)


    Product summary

    BioGuard® Balance Pak 200 is a soluble pH increaser. Proper pH balance is critical in maintaining any type of pool. A low pH can cause corrosion to the pool and equipment, swimmer irritation, and chlorine inefficiency while raising overall maintenance costs. BioGuard Balance Pak 200 quickly and easily raises pH to the proper level.


  • Product details

  • Product Benefits

    -Raises pH

    -For all pool types

    -Convenient granular form

    -Easy to use (no mixing required)

    -Increases chlorine efficiency

    -100% Active ingredient

    -Protects pool equipment and surfaces

    -Reduces maintenance costs

    Dosage Directions:

    -Balance Total Alkalinity to 125 to 150 ppm

    -Use a Dosage Directionstest kit or test strips to determine pH

    -If pH is below 7.2, apply Balance Pak 200 as determined by the Alkali demand chart in test kit

    -Apply by broadcasting product evenly across the pool with the pump running

    -Circulate for 2 hours and retest pH

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