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  • Balance Pak 100


    Product summary

    BioGuard® Balance Pak 100 is a soluble total alkalinity increaser that eliminates pH bounce and raises total alkalinity. It is safe to use in all pool types. Balancing total alkalinity protects the pH from being influenced (more)

  • Product details

  • Product Features:

    100% w/w sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate).

    Powder form.

    Raises Total Alkalinity.

    180 grams per 10,000 litres raises total alkalinity 10 ppm.

    Eliminates pH bounce.

    For all pool types.


    Protects the pH from being influenced by factors such as rain, bather load, and other chemical application.

    Prevents corrosion of equipment.

    Prevents etching of concrete and grout, and wrinkling of liners.

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