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  • Silensor SLS and SLL


    Product summary

    The ALL new Davey SILENSOR® range of pool pumps gives you strong pumping performance and super-quiet operation, with Dry Run Protection and high efficiency operation.

                               Silensor Range

           Model | Input Watts | Sound Level | Basket Size

           SLS100      740                56dBa         Small

           SLS150      860                55dBa         Small

           SLL150      870                55dBa         Large

           SLS200      1090              54dBa         Small

           SLL200      1130              55dBa         Large

           SLS300      1400              54dBa         Small

           SLL300      1400              55dBa         Large

           SLL400      1760              55dBa         Large

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  • Product details

  • Super Quiet:

    Silensor’s water-cooled motor uses a small water flow around the stainless steel, corrosion proof motor shell which captures noise and vibrations allowing the Silensor’s Super quiet operation. Typically Below 55 dBa.

    Cost Saving:

    Silensor is designed using the latest computational fluid dynamics to move water up to 15% more efficiently than most standard pool pumps. Quietness may allow operation of the pumps late at night when energy costs are much lower (off peak).

    Long Lasting:

    Silensor’s advanced design utilises high performance UV stabilised polymers for outdoor installation. Bolts, screws and highly corrodible metals that can rust and render a pump unserviceable have also been replaced with easily operated clamp rings, ensuring simple maintenance year after year.


    Silensor’s feature a ‘ Floating Neckring’ system for protecting the vital mechanical seal within the pump. The seal protection system will reduce wear on the mechanical seal by excluding debris from the seal area, extending their service life and reducing maintenance. Automatic resetting ‘Dry Run’ protection will stop the pump running when it has no water moving inside the pump - dry running is the major cause of premature pump failure.


    Silensor features a patented clamped impeller design that provides superior air and water handling ability – a real benefit when operating with automatic cleaners that can introduce air into the plumbing system. The design also aides priming of the pump which can improve the options for positioning the pump in an out of the way position.


    SLL models feature the largest leaf basket of any domestic swimming pool pump available, a massive 4.5 litres. More volume inside the basket allows longer intervals between cleaning without effecting filtration efficiency or pump wear and tear.

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