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  • Chem Out


    Product summary

    Do you need to reduce your pool's chlorine or bromine level in a hurry because of a shock treatment AND you've got customers coming over in a couple of hours?

    Chem Out is a concentrated, granular product that quickly reduces chlorine & bromine levels.

    Chem Out will not affect your pool's pH level. (more)

  • Product details

  • BioGuard Chem Out is also great for the following treatments:

    -Neutralizing chlorine or bromine when converting a pool to Soft Swim

    lowering chlorine or bromine levels when treating severe metal stains and metal problems

    -When lowering chlorine level after shocking, allow about 8-12 hours for superchlorination (shock) treatment to oxidize swimmer waste, unfilterables & chloramines (combined chlorines) from the water.

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