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    Product summary

    Spa Poppits:

    Poppit brand products cover a total range of products for spas including: sanitiser, alkalinity and pH increasers, calcium hardness increaser, shock, floc, pH reducer, pipe degreaser and filter cleaners. Test strips and test kits are also supplied. (more)

  • Product details

  • Spa sanitisers which replaces chlorine and bromine in Spas and Pools, providing a totally chlorine free system for portable, in ground spas, swim spas and swimming pools.

    The following products are Sensitive Choice approved (reccomended for sufferers of asthma):

    -Poppit Buffer – Alkalinity increaser

    -Poppit Calcium Hardness Increaser

    -Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner

    -Poppit Filter Cleaner – Spray

    -Poppit Liquid Floc

    -Poppit pH Increaser

    -Poppit pH Reducer

    -Poppit Quick Fix – Chlorine free oxidiser

    -Poppit Spa CAL Hardener – Raises calcium hardness level

    -Poppit Spa pH Reducer

    -Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser

    -Poppit Spa Sanitiser, Conditioner, Clarifier & Bactericide

    -Poppit Test Kit

    -Poppit Water Balance

    -Poppit Sanosil Sanitiser

    -Poppit One step Water Prep

    -Poppit complete – clarifies and shines water

    -Poppit 4 way test kit

    -Poppit Filter Cartridge (phosphate, chlorine & nitrate free)

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