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The process is simple: ordinary salt is added to the pool water to obtain a salt level of approximately .5% (sea salt 3.5%O.) This salty water passes through the electrolytic cell and is electrolysed producing Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) which purifies the water and then returns to salt as it does so.

The EnduroChlor when fitted with an optional timelock will control the pool pump running time thus controlling the entire filtration system.

The Enduochlor has the following features:-

Self Cleaning!

Flow Detector

See Through Cell Design

1P24 Protection Rating - Can be installed in the "Pool Zone"

Corrosion Proof Enclosure

Chlorine Output Monitor

Adjustable Chlorine Controller

Union Connection of Salt Cell

Timeclock - Optional

Easy Installation on new or existing pools.

1540 ESN 190 (21 AMP)
1541 ESN 190 TS
1543 ESN 290 (30 AMP)
1544 ESN 290 TS

All swimming pools need to be properly sanitised to prevent the growth of harmful organisms and unsightly algae. To make this process easy for the pool owner Poolrite manufacturers a range of chlorine generators that produce chlorine from saltwater.

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